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The new PH Pianette is outstanding both in terms of design and sound! The PH Pianette combines Danish design in world class and German quality at the highest level. The PH Pianette is designed in 1931 by a very famous Danish designer, and it belongs still to the future. It is the most exclusive, beautiful and modern digital piano in the world and it fits into any modern interior with the combination of leather, steel and wooden parts. It is a sculpture that becomes a symbol of modernity and traditional values. It does not take up much space and fits easily into any room of the house. The PH Pianette is crafted by the most esteemed German piano maker, Blüthner in Leipzig. It has the same outstanding technical and musical qualities as other traditional Blüthner pianos that are legendary and well-known all over the world. The PH Pianette is like other traditional pianos with wooden keys. The acoustic soundboard is placed in front of the 4 build-in and specially designed speakers. The effect is a sound quality and a variety of sounds that have never been discovered in a digital piano before. All sounds of the new PH Pianette are based on the original golden tones of the traditional acoustic pianos from Blüthner and resemble the sound of the acoustic piano to a perfection never heard before in a digital piano! The PH Pianette is equipped with the best audio-connections, including USB, PC, MP3, Notebook, etc. The internal audio part consists of a 150w Digital Amplifier with 4 speakers. As a unique feature for a digital piano, the new PH Pianette can be controlled by an iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Laptop, etc. More than 1.000 music pieces can be downloaded and played through the sound system of the PH Pianette and external speakers can naturally be connected. In other words, the PH Pianette can easily become the Home Entertainment system of the house! Each PH Pianette is numbered and can be customized to a large degree including the option of choosing different colors of the leather banding.

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